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A smooth and balanced expansion of B2B and B2C will allow your business to prosper on the long-term

40 minutes
Mickael Rhétier & Maria Brask House Doctor Group

In order for a business to prosper on the long term, it has to stand on at least 2 legs – B2B & B2C. But B2B partners might wonder if your new B2C approach will affect their business. In order to avoid conflicts with your retail partners, you must find a way of re-assuring them that this new approach will be good for all parties; in other words that an omni-channel approach will benefit for all sales partners.

The House Doctor Group will share with the audience about how to keep the balance with retailers and consumers and about the platform they have developed for their global omni-channel solution.

Mickael Rhétier & Maria Brask

Mickael Rhétier & Maria Brask

House Doctor Group

Online specialists with a deep understanding of the different aspects of the digital word (online marketing, PIM, E-commerce platform, User experience).