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Building a digital store front in our screenless future

40 minutes
Jons Janssens Ace & Tate

Building a digital storefront in our screenless future
How the interface will continue to change…

Ace & Tate is a true omnichannel eyewear brand from Amsterdam, founded in 2013. They offer
high-quality frames at a transparent, flat price (including lenses, starting at €98) and encourage
people to experiment with their style and individuality. Ace & Tate frames allow you to explore
whoever you want to be, whenever you like. They provide eyewear for the many sides of you.

The brand strives to break away from the industry standards and believes innovation is about
changing the interface. Customer experience sits at the heart of the brand. They strive to create a
seamless integrated experience across all channels (IRL vs URL), which allows customers to purchase
their frames in the manner and time that best suits them, both on and offline.

Optional to add:
The future of the brand lies in the right mix of digital and physical sales channels with a consistent
experience across all. Providing customers with the freedom of choice to how, where and when to
shop. Every step in the customer journey should have a physical as well as a digital alternative.

In short
In his presentation Jons will shortly introduce you to Ace & Tate, their DNA and vision.
He will share about their;
— Direct-to-consumer business model
— Omnichannel approach – by creating a seamless integrated experience across all channels (IRL vs
— Innovation by changing the interface
— Learnings
— Solution

Jons Janssens

Jons Janssens

Ace & Tate

Jons likes to start, build and change things. Product development is his tool to drive growth at tech companies.
Currently he is trying to figure out the future of retail at Ace&Tate, the cool Dutch eyewear brand that is all about empowering people to gain a new perspective.