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The road towards personalised shopping experiences

40 minutes
Katarina Dziedziul Staples Solutions

In the e-commerce space it is important to display a relevant offer. Customers expect online shopping experience to be personal and tailored to fit their individual needs, interests and preferences. Data-driven automated experiences have grown to be a must-have on e-commerce platforms, becoming as important as usability and design improvements.  Recent study* shows that online businesses could increase their revenues up to 6% with implementing a range of optimisation and segmentation techniques. Personalisation helps to engage with customers, drive sales and brand loyalty. At Staples we have been testing and implementing solutions, which provide customers with seamless shopping experience driving conversion and RPV uplift. In my presentation I will show examples how Staples addressed customers needs for personalised experience.

*Getting 6% more: Key findings from a four-year study of 2 billion user journeys – by Qubit.

Katarina Dziedziul

Katarina Dziedziul

Staples Solutions

eCommerce and Online Marketing professional specialised in connecting business with online technology. Experienced in working on projects and campaigns across countries, including global roll-outs and implementations. As eCommerce Product Manager at Staples Solutions Katarina is responsible for web and mobile experience optimisation both from UX and functional perspective.