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Transformation of a ´traditional´ candy company into Digital Marketing & eCommerce

40 minutes
Bas Komen Cloetta

Get insights in our digital transformation process. How we moved from a pure offline driven way of doing marketing to a highly digital focussed one in terms of advertising, content and organisation.

Next to this we have set a unique way to measure our Digital Marketing efforts with the Digital Sentiment Index.

The Digital Transformation paved the path for eCommerce. We recently launched a web shop in the UK and Sweden, build up from scratch.

Bas Komen

Bas Komen


Bas Komen is an international experienced Digital Marketing & eCommerce professional.

As part of the international marketing team, reporting to the CMO of the Cloetta group, Bas drives the Social Media & eCommerce transformation, which includes; strategy, organization, measurement, partnerships, advertising and more.

Cloetta (FMCG) was founded in 1862, active with 35+ brands, sold in 50 countries, produce & sell candies, chocolate, nuts & chewing gum.