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What e-commerce should learn from retail

40 minutes
Ger van den Buijs & Erik van der Pasch Sligro Food Group

Customers are overloaded with information. To get their engaged attention becomes harder every day. This causes a great stress on e-commerce profits as price competition is fierce and marketing costs continue to increase. How can you turn this scarcity of customer attention into an opportunity?

Ger van den Buijs analyzed what characterizes the practices of successful retailers and what e-commerce should learn from this. Identity, passion and craftsmanship are key ingredients of their success. These factors also explain, to a large extend, the online success of Sligro Food Group. Sligro sells around 900 M euro online, at a sufficient net profit. Ger published the book “Forget reach, Start selling – What e-commerce should learn from retail” on how to implement this online.

What you will take away from this session is how to build a differentiating online retail experience. To do so, you will most likely need to take one step back, in order to slightly change your direction. Ger will first cover his cooperation model. This can be characterized as “stand amidst your customers”, and is the reversed of the “customer ambassadors strategy”.

The second topic is the “Economics of Craftsmanship”. You will learn why craftsmanship is such an important element to become profitable and how to implement it.

The third topic is the activation of customers during their orientation phase. It’s this phase that distinguishes successful retailers from less successful ones. You will learn how “trigger questions” and “augmented interaction” can drive customer flow. Augmented interaction is a specific implementation of artificial intelligence, in which computer power strengthens the team instead of replacing it.

Ger van den Buijs & Erik van der Pasch

Ger van den Buijs & Erik van der Pasch

Sligro Food Group

Ger van den Buijs is author of the marketing book “Forget reach, Start selling – What e-commerce should learn from retail.” He is IT solution designer at Sligro Food Group and he is the founder of FiveDolphins, an  e-commerce interaction platform. Before Sligro, Ger worked as IT manager at Typhone, the webshop of Phone House. It’s his passion to turn digital commerce into a human experience.

Erik van der Pasch is Head of E-Commerce & CRM at Sligro Foodservices. Last two years he developed, together with his team, a new E-Commerce platform and an integrated marketing automation solution. Primarily to support the omnichannel customer journey for all food professionals.

Before Sligro, Erik was managing the CRM and e- commerce within Wolters Kluwer  Erik has also a passion for data driven marketing and is certified black belt Lean Six Sigma.