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Future of Personalization in B2B and B2C

14:15 110 minutes roundtable
Annika Östman RitualsRonald van Drunen Staples

Main topic of this roundtable is to discuss personalization in B2C and B2B. Where and when do you personalize? Which are the key moments in the customer journey when you have to personalize? How to define personalization in different channels? Which are the new tools to be used and how to organize their implementation? We will discuss challenges and share thoughts during this very interesting session.

The session is a co-production with partner e-Spirit, moderated by Donna Darthuizen, Digital Commerce expert & hosted by Ronald van Drunen, Head of Ecommerce at Staples Europe. With featured participants from Rituals and more…

Annika Östman

Annika Östman


Annika is an experienced international all-round marketeer with a flair for online and e-commerce. A multi-lingual multitasker and a self-starter with a hands-on mentality who enjoys the combination of data-driven and strategic marketing. Experienced in managing projects and teams.

Ronald van Drunen

Ronald van Drunen


Ronald van Drunen is responsible for Staples’ eCommerce business – new solutions in B2B eCommerce and commercial optimization, across Europe

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