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Back to the Future: Why the web is still the next big thing

14:55 40 minutes presentation Stage 5
Haris Zisimopoulos Google

Thirty years ago the web was the next big thing, but the vision for a great user experience was ahead of its time. Now the web feels tired, even somewhat cumbersome. By addressing these problems head-on, users are having a better experience on the open web but there is still more work to be done. In a tech climate that’s looking towards AI and all things mobile join Google to discover why the web remains the gateway to the world economy.

Haris Zisimopoulos

Haris Zisimopoulos


Haris Zisimopoulos, serves Google as a Conversion Optimization and UX/UI Expert. In this role, Haris focuses on providing the best e-commerce experience possible. Prior to joining Google, Haris worked at Nike for over 7 years. Most recently, he served as Director of Digital Product where he was leading all digital products across nike.com, apps and the brand overall. Haris is known for the passion he brings to each project and his keen understanding of market research. He currently resides in Amsterdam.


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