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How to build momentum by re-envisioning digital advertising

12:50 25 minutes Presentation UVA 3
Alexander van Elsas adgoji

Programmatic digital media buying grows fast. Advertisers become storytellers and engage with customers across all digital channels and devices. The complexity of supply chains, ad- and data technology are a huge challenge for the digital marketer.

By re-envisioning how the technology can support the marketer to focus on her marketing and sales funnel we help the advertiser to regain control over digital advertising driving innovation and momentum.

Alexander van Elsas

Alexander van Elsas


Alexander is founder and CEO of adgoji.com, an innovative digital advertising tech company. He is daily surprised by the increasing complexity of digital advertising technology. Alexander is on a mission to help advertisers integrate digital advertising tools in their business processes to drive marketing and sales revenue, without the need to be ad tech experts.

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