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How to drive and bring new B2B with digital tools

Jaana Knuutinen Nespresso Business Solutions

Jaana shared Nespresso’s social commerce in a B2B environment. From leadgeneration to online advertsiment on social media. She shared insights on the new Nespresso BtoB website, e-commerce and CRM to become attractive and modern partner for businesses of today. And about how Nespresso B2B approach also influences the customer experience their partners offer in turn to their own customers.

Jaana Knuutinen

Jaana Knuutinen

Nespresso Business Solutions

Jaana is managing the e-commerce and digital platforms for Premium Coffee Group, exclusive distributor of Nespresso Business Solutions in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Nespresso Business Solutions provides a new coffee experience for professional consumers to the HoReCa and Office channels and offers its Club Members a modern and sustainable investment in superior guest experience, brand image and employee wellbeing.
Behind her Jaana has 8 years of operational and strategic marketing experience within B2B and retail.

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