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How to establish an eBusiness culture in your company

14:45 45 minutes presentation UVA 2
Panos Milias Nestlé

Win in the market through eBusiness:
– Leverage the Digital Acceleration Team through capabilities building and by providing irresistible services internally
– Accelerate in Personalized Consumer Experiences though Data Analytics and by making Media work smarter
– Grow through Innovation, Technology & Partnerships with new Services and new Business models

Panos Milias

Panos Milias


Holder of Bachelor in Statistics and Master in Business Administration (MBA). He started his carrier in Market Research.
Since January 2006, he belongs to Nestlé Hellas taking many and different assignments in Marketing. Since 2012, he is the Digital Acceleration Manager, building the eBusiness culture within the biggest F&B company in Greece.

Nestlé Hellas has a turnover of around €400mio, 2 factories and more than 40 brands in 10 different categories: Nescafe, Loumidis, Nespresso, Fitness, Crunch, Kit Kat, Maggi, Perrier, Nesquik among others. The company is very active in Digital, with a significant number of awards in Digital and Social Media over the last 8 years.

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