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TSI Holdings adopts experience-driven commerce for an e-commerce edge

12:05 25 minutes presentation Stage 4
Matthias Meijer e-Spirit

In this session, learn how TSI Holdings – the largest e-commerce retailer in Japan with 38 brands – mastered the challenges associated with multi-brand, multi-channel e-commerce with an experience-driven commerce approach. In under two months, TSI launched two new e-commerce websites while centralizing the management of brand-specific content. Content creation is now 2.5x faster and brand marketers are delivering the shopping experiences customers crave for better engagement and increased sales.

Matthias Meijer

Matthias Meijer


For more than 25 years Matthias has been helping companies to exceed their customers digital experience needs.

e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform helps businesses engage customers and increase revenue with personalized, content-rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere.

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