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How Lesara makes the latest trends available at the best price

11:15 40 minutes presentation Stage 3
Frithjof van der Heide Lesara

Lesara is a pioneer in Agile Retail: the fast and digitally driven on-demand production of fashion and lifestyle trends which is taking online retail to the next level. The company has taken the concept of Fast Fashion, which is a model that companies such as Zara and H&M rely upon, and improved it. Lesara needs just 10 days, beginning to end, from spotting an emerging trend to having the product online and available to customers throughout Europe; faster and at a better price than any other traditional Fast Fashion retailer.

This presentation will be about how the fast turnover product-lifecycle affect marketing and the offering of the latest trends to customers around Europe.

Frithjof van der Heide

Frithjof van der Heide


Frithjof studied Business Administration at VU University Amsterdam and graduated with distinction. He started off his career at Lesara GmbH in Berlin and is currently responsible for growth and strategy in the Benelux.

Lesara is an international online store for affordable fashion and lifestyle products. Founded in 2013 by Roman Kirsch, Matthias Wilrich and Robin Müller, the Berlin based e-commerce startup now offers more than 100,000 fashion, lifestyle, tech & homeware products.

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