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Progressive Web Apps: Start Fast, Stay Engaged

Bas Jansen Google

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the future of your mobile experience. The technology allows sites to deliver rich experiences without worrying about networks! What if it were possible to use PWAs, along with Accelerated Mobile Pages, to deliver fast initial loading and reliable second-visit performance, as well as advanced features like offline reading and richer UI treatment for your audience? Well it is! Google Chrome worked with major global retail brands on their mobile presence to increase user engagement and speed.

Bas Jansen

Bas Jansen


With over 6 years of experience at Google, Bas Jansen is currently a Conversion Specialist at Google Amsterdam. Bas works with large companies and agencies to make the web a little bit better every day, by focusing on the end user experience (UX) as well as helping businesses with their digital transformation (CRO).

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