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Rebirth of Brick & Mortar, a new UX and Omni-Channel experience

11:15 40 minutes presentation Stage 2
Tillmann Stauske Volkswagen

The World turns digital, but the money spent in brick & mortar reaches an all time high. What does this contradiction show about customer needs? What are strategies of a manufacturer which sources its perfection from lifecycle management, stationary dealerships and premium quality products? What experience do we need to offer to stay relevant, embrace our retailers and enter the next level of customer experience?

Tillmann Stauske

Tillmann Stauske


Tillmann Stauske is a Brand Srategist and Digital Creative with a 20+ years track record in Experiental Marketing, Advertising, Events, Consulting, Digital, Innovation and UX. Before he joined Volkswagen AG in 2010 he founded his creative agency in 1993. In 1994 Tillmann co-founded the first franchise company “SOS Notruf GmbH” dedicating its purpose to enable elderly people to extend living at home to the max. In 2010 he joined Volkswagen AG as Head of International Motorshows and Events and managed award winning projects around the globe. Fascinated by uniting customers, brand and products in unique brand spaces Tillmann dedicated his passion as Head of Marketing & Innovation for New Business and Digital in 2016. to further implement digital transformation and customer experience he is now working as Head of customer experience & new sales models in Germany for the Volkswagen brand.

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