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The Future of Physical Retail

12:40 40 minutes presentation Stage 2
Mohamed Haouache Storefront

The times they are changing”, said Bob Dylan once. Rumours about a ‘Retail Apocalypse’ have been overthrown a long time ago, and physical retail is far from being “dead”. Both consumer and brand needs have changed though: brands want flexibility, shorter terms, pop in and out, move to different areas or have the option to stay longer term. However, booking retail space is still not easy, simple or inexpensive. That’s why we made Storefront…’

Mohamed Haouache

Mohamed Haouache


Following a career in finance of nearly a decade in New York and Paris, where he specialized in hedge funds and in risk management, Mohamed is now the CEO and co-founder of Storefront, the world’s largest pop-up store marketplace. He is currently focusing on developing the company’s strategy and overseeing Storefront’s continued expansion into new markets.

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