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The impact of display advertisement: uplift measurement without attribution platform

12:05 25 minutes presentation Stage 2
Bram de Jonge Adroll

How to credit the true impact of your marketing channels? Based on years of experience in display advertisement, Bram will share how he analyses data in order to measure the uplift of display on the overall marketing mix of his clients. Learn about common limitations of analytical programs and how to overcome them in order to get a realistic overview that includes the impact of branding in the long-term.

Bram de Jonge

Bram de Jonge


At Adroll, Bram builds display strategies to help ambitious businesses grow. To overcome the complexities of display data analysis, an attribution platform is key. But many companies haven’t made this investment yet. He will share his experiences to better understand the true impact of your marketing channels, even without an attribution platform.

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