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The Value of Stories

14:55 40 minutes presentation Stage 6
Trilce Navarrete Erasmus University Rotterdam

Why does KLM like to talk about the planes they used to fly 50 years ago? How does this inform you, as a consumer, about what is valuable? And as a brand, what objects do you choose to elevate in order tell your story to the consumers? 

This presentation will be about the many years of research experience of Trilce Navarrete and she presents the elements at the core of consumer valuation relevant to any firm. She will reflect on museums’ ability to tell stories through curated collections of items, and how that learning can be applied to many disciplines and sectors, as every firm has a story and a past to share.

Trilce Navarrete

Trilce Navarrete

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Trilce researches the economic and historic aspects of digital heritage. She wrote a History of Digital Dutch Museums and currently teaches the application of economic theory to understand arts and culture. She collaborates with the Dutch Ministry of Culture, the European Group on Museum Statistics, and the International Council of Museum.

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