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The Zero Friction Future

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Michelle Capp Facebook

There is a massive shift happening in the way we all shop: technology is removing friction in the shopping process, and this signifies a major step-change. In working with some of the biggest traditional retailers in the UK, it’s becoming more clear that friction is single biggest threat to businesses right now. Michelle will take us through the opportunity to decrease friction, also when you use Facebook or Instagram.

Michelle Capp

Michelle Capp


Michelle Capp has been at Facebook for nearly 8 years. She joined Facebook in New York and moved to the London office in 2014 to work with top retailers such as Tesco, Shell, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. Michelle is now Head of Fashion in the UK, working closely with the British Fashion Council and educating key partners on the Facebook Family of Apps and Services. 

Outside of her role, Michelle is also leads Women@Facebook London, promoting diversity, training, and inclusion within the company culture.

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