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Unlocking Payments: the hidden key to the Customer Experience

14:20 25 minutes presentation Stage 3

‘Payments’ and the process of ‘paying’ are intrinsic to building long-term relationships between customers and brands. Retailers spend millions on perfecting the customer experience every year. Many have based their entire brand on providing the highest level of service. Others will have had their reputation damaged irreparably by negative feedback on social media. Yet there is one decisive element that underpins the success of the entire customer journey – payments.

The vast amounts of time and money invested in perfecting the shopping experience for a customer, be it online or in-store, can be undone at the checkout. Whether this is in the shape of delays, technical issues or problems handling local currencies, challenges abound for retailers when it comes to buying or selling a product. In a competitive global landscape where customer loyalty is wafer thin, brands simply have to get this right across all channels. This is make or break…

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