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What is your Influencer Marketing Strategy? Marketing between Credibility, Content, and Commerce

Léonie Hönisch Alpro

Your favorite influencers are promoting brands all the while staying true to their unique voice and story. It is this targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer, one who is already interested in the story and will likely pay attention to the brand or product as well, that makes Influencer Marketing an attractive element in your marketing mix. Establishing a winning Influencer Strategy for your business can be easier than you might think.

Léonie Hönisch

Léonie Hönisch


Léonie Hönisch is digital marketing specialist, social media nerd, and strong believer in coffee being a great idea at any time of day. Driven by a passion for understanding how digital media affect our cognition, emotions, and consumer behavior, Léonie Hönisch navigates the nexus between media, brand communication, and psychology to create consumer centric experiences.

With many years of experience in digital marketing and media, she took on responsibility for Alpro’s digital marketing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in early 2015.

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