Porter Erisman - Alibaba

Former Alibaba Vice-President and Director of 'Crocodile in the Yangtze: the Alibaba Story'

Porter Erisman worked as Vice-President at Alibaba.com and Alibaba Group. After his time at Alibaba Porter wrote, directed and produced 'Crocodile in the Yangtze', an independent documentary memoir film of the nearly 10 years spent at China's Alibaba.com. Drawing on more than 200 hours of footage filmed by 35 sources, the film presents a rare behind-the-scenes look at China's Internet revolution. It was awarded 'Best Documentary' at the San Francisco United Film Festival and 'Best Film on Innovation and Entrepreneurship' at the Silicon Valley Film Festival. 

  • The story of a westerner inside China's alibaba.com

    Wed 5 November 2014 @ 12.30u