Emerce Retail Europe

Ger van den Buijs & Erik van der Pasch

Sligro Food Group

Ger van den Buijs is author of the marketing book “Forget reach, Start selling – What e-commerce should learn from retail.” He is IT solution designer at Sligro Food Group and he is the founder of FiveDolphins, an  e-commerce interaction platform. Before Sligro, Ger worked as IT manager at Typhone, the webshop of Phone House. It’s his passion to turn digital commerce into a human experience.

Erik van der Pasch is Head of E-Commerce & CRM at Sligro Foodservices. Last two years he developed, together with his team, a new E-Commerce platform and an integrated marketing automation solution. Primarily to support the omnichannel customer journey for all food professionals.

Before Sligro, Erik was managing the CRM and e- commerce within Wolters Kluwer  Erik has also a passion for data driven marketing and is certified black belt Lean Six Sigma.